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☆ Occupation: Research Scientist – Medicinal Chemistry

□ Job Description

Medicinal chemistry research for identification of drug candidates:

■   Generate hypothesis and solution through understanding project goals and strategies

■   Design compounds based on hypothesis or solution

■    Leverage the state of the art technology on drug discovery, such as AI or molecular modeling

■   Synthesize designed compounds or intermediates etc., through leveraging the state of the art organic chemistry or analytical/purification techniques

■   Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of pharmacology, safety, DMPK, or computational chemistry

■   Manage CRO. Provide scientific mentoring and technical training of lab/team members

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□ Qualifications

Basic Qualifications:

■   PhD in organic or medicinal chemistry

■   Minimum 3 years of industrial experience in drug discovery and development

Preferred Qualifications:

■   Leadership experience in a drug discovery program in collaboration with multi-disciplinary partners

■   Understanding of pharmacology, biochemistry, toxicology, DMPK, and computational chemistry for drug discovery

■   Ability to make proposals for drug discovery projects leveraging a detailed knowledge about given therapeutic areas

■   Communication skills to facilitate research in English


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Attractive Work Place

Our policy and initiatives for human resources development.


We are carrying out a range of policy measures to allow the employees to fully demonstrate their abilities at work.


Our policy and initiatives for human resources development.

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Devise measures to prevent occupational accidents and enhance workplace health and safety.


  Attractive facility features

Shionogi integrated drug discovery functions

In 2011, with a view to realizing world-class research productivity by further strengthening cooperation within our organization, Shionogi integrated drug discovery functions previously dispersed among four sites in Osaka and Shiga Prefectures into the Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center (SPRC) in Toyonaka City, Osaka, which is composed of a new pharmaceutical research facility (SPRC4) and three existing buildings (SPRC1, 2, and 3).

Completed in July 2011, SPRC4 will form the core of SPRC. It contains drug discovery research laboratories built to the highest standard in Japan, with cuttingedge laboratory equipment and information technology.

The facility features many initiatives to foster exchange and mutual collaboration among researchers, and reduce the environmental footprint. In this manner, the SPRC is designed to be environmentally friendly, while at the same time enhance intellectual productivity.


To foster proactive interaction and mutual collaboration among researchers

To foster proactive interaction and mutual collaboration among researchers, the basic concept is that close interdisciplinary communication with different scientific backgrounds in daily operations is the key to innovation, so the facility features various layouts designed to stimulate creativity and flexible thinking. Based on this concept, we introduced “Galleria” as an open office area, along with many communication spaces artfully located in almost every working unit to encourage researchers to interact casually. The laboratories also have a higher degree of freedom in their layout that will enable us to flexibly deal with future changes in the research environment, such as installing new equipment depending on the situation.


Research & Development

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Drug discovery

Clinical Development

Digital therapy

Investigator-Initiated Research


Ken-ichi Kusakabe

Research Institute Director

Kenji Yamawaki

Research Institute Director

Makoto Kawai


1-8, Doshomachi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0045, Japan
Tel : +81-6-6202-2161, Fax : +81- 6-6229-9596